Shaun Walker the creator of DotNetNuke

Shaun Walker released iBuySpy Workshop on December 24, 2002.
Without Shaun, DotNetNuke and its community would not exist.
For all the years he has dedicated to DNN, it's time to say;

Thank you Shaun!

About this website

When Shaun Walker annouced he would leave DNN Corporation this came as a surprise to many of us.
From day one I had the feeling something had to be done to thank Shaun for what he has done for DNN and it's commnity.
I decided to launch this "Thank Shaun" website and I decided December 24 would be a nice date :-)

A few notes:

  • I use moderation mainly to prevent spam.
  • If you have any questons, feel free to contact me.
  • Built with DNN / Feedback Module
  • Skin based on Skeleton Framework
  • I built this website on a personal basis.

Timo Breumelhof


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Shaun Walker the creator of DotNetNuke